Primus Marketing & EMS Partners Announce Planned Merger

Minneapolis, MN, Release: December 10, 2018. For Immediate Release.
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By Sean Dunham

Primus Marketing and EMS Partners are pleased to announce that they have entered into an agreement to merge the two organizations. This merger will allow both companies to provide enhanced levels of service, and access to additional resources and expertise to the manufacturers and customers in which they serve. This merger will also provide both organizations with strong succession plans to continue to bring market and technical expertise and strong relationships to their partners and customers.

Primus Marketing has been providing manufacturer’s representation in the electric utility, lighting, and telecommunication markets since 1987, while EMS Partners has been providing those services to the OEM and Commercial & Industrial markets dating back to 1986. In this merger, the companies will share resources and combine sales organizations but retain their organizational identities, brand names, and reputations built over the last 30+ years. Together, the companies will continue to evolve with the market to provide industry-leading services, insights and market access for manufacturers and channel partners, while providing end-users with trusted consultative services and products and services from the market’s most innovative manufacturers.

With this transition, Jeff Libbesmeier will remain the President of Primus Marketing, and Mike Skovran will continue as President of EMS Partners. Sean Dunham who became a Principal at EMS Partners in July of 2017, will serve as Vice President and Principal of the joint organization and provide each organization with a stable succession plan to transfer long histories of relationships, knowledge, and expertise while gaining a network into the coming generations of the industries.

About Sean Dunham:

Sean has experience as a sales representative from his previous positions where he was responsible for electric utility, EPC, and telecommunications accounts across the upper-Midwest. He understands much of the new technology and products being introduced into the electrical energy market and the support required of our customers to manage a successful vendor relationship. Before working as a manufacturer’s representative, he held multiple positions within the Supply Chain organization at Xcel Energy. Sean has a vision and strategic plan that will guide the organization’s actions over the coming years. We will create a shared purpose with our manufacturers and channel partners that will provide meaningful guidance for efforts and focus of go-to market strategies.

Jeff Libbesmeier

Jeff Libbesmeier – Principal

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Sean Dunham - Principal

Minneapolis, MN
Phone: (612) 201-4759
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