Hendrix Molded Products

Wherever utilities face a challenge, Marmon Utility is there.

All Hendrix HPI Insulators are manufactured from a proprietary blend of gray, track resistant, high-density polyethylene Tie Top, Vise Top, and Line Post Insulators are tested in conformance with the ANSI C29 series of specifications and exhibit superior electrical and mechanical characteristics compared to wet process porcelain. They have greater leakage distance, higher flashover and impulse values, are lightweight, vandal resistant, won’t chip, crack, or break, are a green recyclable product,
and are made in the USA.

Tested and Guranteed

An independent group study performed a comprehensive test, in 2010, comparing porcelain pin insulators to polymer pin insulators. The polymer pin insulators outperformed the porcelain by far. Hendrix polymer pin insulators are Guaranteed for Life.

Hendrix Products

Hendrix HPI insulators exhibit superior electrical and mechanical characteristics as compared to wet process porcelain.

Many Advantages

Hendrix invented and developed the molded insulator into what it is today – a solution to aging porcelain insulators. The range of options now includes vise top insulators that install easily, and are guaranteed for life.

Dependable Products

Hendrix Molded Products are light weight, vandal resistant, won't chip, crack or break, and are field proven in harsh environments

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