MacLean Highline

The Standard to Which Others are Measured

MacLean Power Systems, a MacLean-Fogg Company, is a leading manufacturer of products used by utilities for building transmission and distribution lines and substations. MPS product families include hardware and connection products as well as insulation and protection products.

innovation experts

They have added a variety of distribution and underground electrical utility enclosures such as HDPE splice boxes/pull boxes, polymer concrete underground vaults, handholes, pads, and fiberglass sectionalizing cabinets.

Product offerings

Their products include: automatic splices and bolted connectors; silicone rubber, hollow core and porcelain insulators; surge arresters; guy and foundation anchors; pole line hardware; and much more.

Power Lines

Sustainable & Green

Their business model supports local manufacturing for high service levels, diversity development programs and also sustainability and green initiatives.

Many Facilities

MacLean Highline has global raw material sourcing capabilities which allows them to produce over 10,000 items in seven domestic production facilities.

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